Computer Lab:
The Lab was installed in the year 1990 with 25 computer systems. As on today computer classes and jkc classes are going on in that lab. There is a separate building for computers constructed by The Commissioner of Collegiate Education, A.P.,Hyderabad.

Physics Lab:
The lab was established in the Academic year 2008-09. Large amounts were funded by ITDA for the purchasing of the Laboratory equipment. At the same time some of the items were funded by the Commissioner of Collegiate Education,A.P., Hyderabad. Full pledged lab with the apparatus like Spectrometers, Polari meter etc were available for the students to do practicals.

Chemistry Lab:
This college has well equipped lab facilities to conduct practicals. Digital PH meters, caloriemeters, Hot air woven, cntrifuges working desks with wash basins etc are available. Required chemicals and apparatus are available in Chemistry lab. Wide Black-board is available to explain the Demo to students about practicals. Well ventillation and lighting, Air facilty is available.

Zoology Lab:
This college has well equipped lab facilities to conduct practicals.Two OHPs which are useful for both theory and practicals.Projection microscopes to see th slides very clearly. Water bath and centrifuges in good working condition. Plenty of spottles of diiferent animals. Well working Microscopes both simple and compound. Double demonstration Eyepeice are available. Specimens are available for conducting of dissection. Chemical apparatus are available for conducting of Ecology practicals. Lightening and ventilation is very good.

Botany Lab:
This college provide the students an excellent Botany Laboratory. In this lab two OHPs are available for both theory and practicals. One PH meter is available & Projection microscopes are available to watch the slides. Electronic microscopes, simple & compound microscopes are available. Proper ventilation and lighting is available.